Good to know that silver 925 (92.5% of silver and generally 7.5% of copper) is a relatively soft and very malleable metal, that can be easily damaged. Saint-Yves silver 925 jewellery is extremely well finished, all joint rings are soldered and only a rough move may cause a damage. The same apply to crystal or zircon stones, both type of stones are well set and only an impact can be the cause of losing one or more stones.

Saint-Yves jewellery benefit from a one year warranty from delivery date. The warranty only covers manufacturing defects.

Normal wear, accidents or wrong manipulations causing a damage will not be taken into consideration.

Returned items for exchange or refund which are incomplete, damaged or worn will not be refunded.

Additional information on designs made out of silver 925 + a rose gold bath

The silver 925 jewellery receives of rose gold bath. To follow, a second bath deposits by electrolysis as well a resistant invisible coating on the jewellery with an effect to extend in time it’s beautiful rose gold aspect. However, the rose gold colour will gradually fade away and your jewellery will recover it’s natural silver aspect.